Local Moving Company Hoping to Drive Up Donations for Marine Mammal Stranding Center

BRIGANTINE -- The Marine Mammal Stranding Center will be gaining national visibility thanks to Jack Kelly of Brigantine, the owner of Atlantic Coast Moving and Storage.

MMSC logo Moving trucks 300pw

Kelly, who recently joined the MMSC board of directors, wanted to help the organization, which is a private nonprofit dedicated to the rescue of sick and injured marine mammals and sea turtles. The center relies on donations to operate.

In an effort to raise national awareness about the MMSC and its work, Kelly offered to outfit 18 of his moving trucks with a 24-inch logo promoting the Marine Mammal Stranding Center’s Adopt a Seal program.

The program is one way the center raises money. For $25, the donor receives an adoption certificate along with a photo and a story about the seal the donation will help. The money helps pay for food and medication. Donations also fund maintenance and the general operation of the center, which is facing unexpected and costly repairs to the concrete foundation of the in-house pool. The repairs are estimated to run at least $10,000.

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