Land-Loving Jersey Shore Seal Adapts to Zoo Life in Detroit

The seal who got a little too friendly with the locals on the Jersey Shore and on Long Island is doing swimmingly at a zoo in Detroit.

Jersey Friendly Seal Opt2

The seal, named Jersey, was taken to the Detroit Zoo late last year after stopping at several area beaches over the summer. Before being trapped, animal rescues repeatedly tried to shoo the friendly seal back into the water, but Jersey kept coming back.

Zoo officials say that Jersey has really taken to its new environment.

“Jersey is doing great -- she appears to be thriving in her new home in the Detroit Zoo’s Arctic Ring of Life,” said Scott Carter, a scientist with the zoo. "She lives with four other rescued seals who have also found sanctuary here. Adored by animal care staff and visitors alike, Jersey is often seen interacting with guests in the 70-foot Frederick and Barbara Erb Polar Passage as she swims above them.”