Fishing lines threaten whales, but help is possible

SEA ISLE CITY, NJ -- Humpback whales off New Jersey’s coast, like the young male that washed up dead Friday on a Sea Isle City beach, were taken off the federal endangered species list this month because of rebounding numbers.

Humpback Whale Fishing Line 300pw

But many threats to the whales remain, including boat strikes, entanglement in fishing gear, habitat destruction and harassment by whale watchers, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

NOAA implements the evolving Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan, to reduce the number of large whales harmed by fishing gear.

Staff members of the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine conducted a necropsy of the juvenile humpback. They saw evidence that entanglement in commercial fishing gear weakened the animal and prevented it from feeding, said Executive Director Bob Schoelkopf.


Local Moving Company Hoping to Drive Up Donations for Marine Mammal Stranding Center

A recent crack in the concrete foundation of the building supporting the MMSC seal pool is in desperate need of repair.

This is unfortunately happening at a time of year (the Fall) when there is typically a surge in seal strandings and rescues. The seals will be in need of the pool so that they may acclimate before being released back to the ocean.

Atlantic Moving & Storage has kicked off a banner campaign on the backs of their trucks asking folks to support the MMSC through seal adoption donations.


Too-friendly New Jersey seal now calls Detroit Zoo home

DETROIT, MI -- A seal named Jersey is living at the Detroit Zoo after being deemed too friendly for release back into the wild. The female gray seal first came into captivity when rescued by the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine, New Jersey, about seven months ago.

Jersey the Seal Detroit Zoo

However, a problem arose when the rescue outfit tried to release the fin-footed, semi-aquatic marine mammal back into the wild.

"After being treated and released by the (organization), she reappeared numerous times in different locations and was clearly a little too comfortable being around people," a Marine Mammal Stranding Center statement issued Wednesday said. "When the seal was spotted being petted on a beach" in Longport, New Jersey, it was time to find her a new home.

Through the National Marine Fisheries Service, the seal rescue organization linked up with the Detroit Zoo and facilitated an adoption in November. At the time, Jersey was 9 months old.


Rescued seal Jersey finds new home at Detroit Zoo

(WXYZ) - You could say the Detroit Zoo sealed the deal to provide a new home for a rescued mammal named Jersey.

Jersey the Seal

The seal was deemed "too friendly" to be released back into the wild in New Jersey about seven months ago.

The Marine Mammal Stranding Center ultimately made the decision to send the seal to the Detroit Zoo after she had been picked up by volunteers several times over the course of eight months after being treated and released. In one instance, Jersey was spotted being petted on a beach.


New Jersey seal enjoys new home at Detroit Zoo

ROYAL OAK, Mich. - A New Jersey seal that was becoming too comfortable around people is now enjoying her new home at the Detroit Zoo.

Jersey Seal

The seal had been picked up multiple times in various locations by volunteers from the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, and was becoming more and more comfortable around people. Bob Schoelkopf, founding director of the MMSC, said that when they picked up the seal being petted on a beach in Longport, they knew it was time to find her a permanent home

The MMSC worked in conjunction with the National Marine Fisheries Service to find the seal a new home, and she was eventually brought to the Detroit Zoo in November. A contest was held and she was named “Jersey.”

“Jersey is doing great, she appears to be thriving in her new home in the Detroit Zoo’s Arctic Ring of Life,” said Scott Carter, Chief Life Sciences Officer for the Detroit Zoological Society.


Land-Loving Jersey Shore Seal Adapts to Zoo Life in Detroit

The seal who got a little too friendly with the locals on the Jersey Shore and on Long Island is doing swimmingly at a zoo in Detroit.

Jersey Friendly Seal Opt2

The seal, named Jersey, was taken to the Detroit Zoo late last year after stopping at several area beaches over the summer. Before being trapped, animal rescues repeatedly tried to shoo the friendly seal back into the water, but Jersey kept coming back.

Zoo officials say that Jersey has really taken to its new environment.

“Jersey is doing great -- she appears to be thriving in her new home in the Detroit Zoo’s Arctic Ring of Life,” said Scott Carter, a scientist with the zoo. "She lives with four other rescued seals who have also found sanctuary here. Adored by animal care staff and visitors alike, Jersey is often seen interacting with guests in the 70-foot Frederick and Barbara Erb Polar Passage as she swims above them.”