Outreach Programs

Andrew and kidsThe Marine Mammal Stranding Center offers educational programs delivered right to your classroom!  Through hands-on, interactive presentations, your students will learn about:

  • The mysterious lives of marine mammals and sea turtles

  • The problems facing not only these creatures, but also their marine environment as a whole

  • The role the MMSC plays to overcome these problems

  • What each student can do to help

All programs include a Power Point presentation and animal artifacts (skulls, bones) for the students to see and touch. *PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT BRING ANY LIVE ANIMALS WITH US*

Adult programs are also available. 

Rates: One presentation is $125 (pre-K is $75) plus mileage and tolls. Additional same-day programs are $50 each.

For more information on our outreach, or to make a reservation, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 609-266-0538.

We also offer field trips and tours!

Come tour our Sea Life Museum and see the Stranding Center for yourself!

Stranding Center Tour (max 30 students)

Visit our Sea Life Museum, showcasing life-sized replicas of marine mammals and fish, real whale bones and pollution displays. Learn about our rescue equipment and, if present, view animals currently in our facilities on a large screen TV monitor.

(Also available from June through Labor Day — see our 1,000 gallon observation tank filled with local sea life from Absecon Bay.)


Beach Programs – Ages 7 and Up

Guided Beach Walk/Clean-up  (max 35 students)

This program available April through September only!

Explore the beach and learn about native flora and fauna, including birds, plants, mammals and more!  We will also discuss point & non-point source pollution along with climate change & weather. As we walk, we will pick up trash and discuss how it impacts our wildlife.

    Bay Seining (max 30 students)

    This program available June through early September only! (Weather Permitting)

     Students will be entering waist deep water – please note we do not have waders.            

     Learn what lies beneath the waves as you take a large net and drag it through the bay.  Students will see a full cross-section of species living in         the bay, from animals burrowing in the sand, to animals swimming near the surface.     


Mock Dolphin or Sea Turtle Stranding (max 20 students)

This program available May through early September only!

Take on the role of the Marine Mammal Stranding Center’s Stranding Technicians and learn the steps to a successful rescue, including identifying injuries, proper handling, and measuring and documenting techniques using  a model (inflatable/plastic) animal.  This program includes a background lesson on basic dolphin/sea turtle biology.



Stranding Center Museum Tour: $50 up to 25 people (add $2 per person up to 30 max)

Stranding Center Museum Tour/Guided Beach Walk: $125 up to 25 (add $5 per person up to 35 max)

Stranding Center Museum Tour/Bay Seining: $125 up to 25 (add $5 per person up to 30 max)

Stranding Center Museum Tour/Mock Stranding: $125 up to 20

Bay Seining: $75 up to 25 people (add $5 per person up to 30 max)

Mock Stranding: $75 up to 20 people

Program capacities are set based on the number of students that can be facilitated and participate in the activity as a single group. Once a program is filled to its maximum limit, additional program(s) must be booked to accommodate large groups as additional instructors are required.

*Rates subject to change

To make a reservation, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with name of school/organization, age of kids in group, number of kids and adults attending, and preferred dates/times.